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Our Product Range

You are sure to find something for every taste in our numerous muesli variations:
whether fruity, full of berries, chocolaty, roasted, rich in protein or pure...

We are happy to develop new creations and always focus closely on the aspects:

  • Healthy and valuable nutritional values
  • No addition of sugar or artificial flavours
  • Optimally balanced taste and stimulating product experience
  • Tracking of and picking up on trends and lifestyles
  • Reliable availability of raw materials on the world market
  • Qualitative safety
  • Compliance with the price scope
Our employees' curiosity and their world of ideas is particularly important to us. This is why direct contact with our trading partners, importers, suppliers and farmers is very important to us. We are present at trade fairs and specialist forums across the globe - and are always open to new impulses, also in everyday life. Our cross-departmental team cooperates directly with our in-house product development department, constantly creating completely new articles for the global market.



Muesli originally comes from Switzerland, where it was developed by the physician, Maximilian O. Bircher-Brenner. His Bircher muesli became part of a mild wholefood diet, which was already used successfully back in 1902. To this day, thanks to its easily digestible power, Bircher muesli enjoys enormous popularity among young and old.

The concept of wholefood nutrition has disseminated and, to this day, has produced a wide variety of combinations. Meanwhile, not finding muesli on store shelves is unimaginable. As an integral part of our current diet, sugar-free and natural muesli provides valuable minerals, vitamins, fibre, trace elements, and power.


As the name suggests, porridge originally comes from the British region. Traditionally, this refers to oat flakes that are dissolved in milk Porridge, also referred to in German as "Haferbrei", has now conquered the whole world. One of its characteristics is that the flakes' texture is finer, resulting in it dissolving better in liquid. Our porridge is fortified with various natural ingredients. Needless to say, without any sugar or preservatives. Apart from adding traditional cow's milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or yoghurt can also be used to prepare a healthy porridge. Porridges taste good, whether served cold or warm.

Crunchy and Granola

We offer baked muesli with our Crunchy and Granola options. The flakes are softly pressed onto trays by hand and then gently baked in special ovens before being mixed with the other ingredients Each batch is once again checked with a trained eye and with the help of the quality department's technical possibilities, before the golden-brown baked flakes are freshly and carefully packed.

For years, we have not used any environmentally-destructive palm oil for our Crunchy and Granola varieties. For sweetening, we prefer natural bee honey or vegan agave syrup.
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