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For us, sustainability also means realising new ideas when it comes to packaging. Our aim is to reduce waste permanently and to ensure the most
environmentally-friendly use of plastic as a packaging material


One of the greatest and most effective ways of acting in an environmentally conscious way is to consider carefully when to use plastics.

There are two sides to this: production and disposal. During production, the commonly-used OPP film is produced from crude oil. This fossil raw material is extracted at great expense and transported at high risk. It is not renewable and is becoming scarce. An alternative is the production of foil from wood. This uses fast-growing, FSC-certified poplars. Basically, this means that 2-3 new poplars are planted for each one that is cleared.

On the other hand, we have the disposal of the packaging film by the end consumer. Presently, the technology is not yet so far advanced that our 375 g to 1,000 g heavy mueslis can be packed 100% in recyclable film. However, we are still working on this, too - together with our suppliers and associations.


Increasingly, we are also producing articles that do without the clip. This little thing is very practical in the kitchen when the package is to be resealed for storage purposes.  However, there is an increasing trend for consumers to transfer mueslis into a storage container - or to use reusable household clips in their homes.

With this conversion significant amounts of metal can be saved each year. In addition, the film length per bag is shortened so that less packaging film has to be used.


Since 2015, we have completely discontinued using palm oil. This cheap raw material has resulted in large parts of the rainforest being cleared in order to create land for cultivation. These forests are home to the already massively threatened orang-utan apes, who are losing their habitat. A further catastrophic effect is that enormous areas of dry peat soil burn down as a result of the slash-and-burn policy, releasing massive amounts of the greenhouse gas CO2. It's hardly possible to halt the loss of these more than 8,000 year old forests. Nevertheless, we still hope that these life-givers can be preserved, and our contribution is to refrain from using any palm fat.


So as to use solar energy, we source our electricity from our own photovoltaic system since 2019. Thus we are not only self-sufficient, but also real sun worshippers.
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