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Our values

1. Quality and safety awareness
People trust us and our products. We consider this trust to be our assignment, governing our everyday work. All of our activities throughout the supply chain are carried out with care and attention, with a focus on the needs of our consumers and customers.
2. Protecting the environment
By working in a way that saves resources and using state-of-the-art technology, we prevent environmental impacts whenever economically feasible. The goal of our work is to continuously improve our environmental performance.
3. Identification and responsibility
Our underlying goal is to increase all employees’ sense of responsibility, thereby actively promoting continuous improvement in every area of our company. We believe it is important for employees to identify not only with our products, but with the company as well.
4. Efficient price-performance structure
To offer our customers a fair price-performance ratio, we ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety in our processes. We optimize our processes using state-of-the-art technologies, and use valuable resources in an appropriate way.
5. Sustainable thought and action
We think and act in a sustainable way. In doing so, we consider both the impacts our actions have on nature and the environment, as well as working conditions for people at our site and throughout the entire supply chain.
6. Treating people fairly
We act with respect and value the dignity of each person we interact with. We treat all people equally, without disadvantaging them due to their ethnic origin, believes, gender, sexual identity, disability, age, or other characteristics. We also observe this fundamental principle in our relationships with partners and third parties.
7. Compliance with the law
Legal compliance forms the foundation of all of our activities. As an international company, we observe legal framework conditions in individual countries. Legal regulations have the highest priority in all of our decision-making.
8. Openness to new things
In line with our company's tradition, we want to regularly assess and tap into new market developments. We specifically address new risks and opportunities, and take them into consideration in our everyday activities.
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